There exists a magical nursery in the countryside of Northwest Oregon where plants grow while listening to soft music and excitement is discovering a new flower...

Welcome to Secret Garden Growers! We grow a collection of garden worthy subjects to please even the most discriminating plant lover. We have traveled the world over to bring back new lovelies for that special niche in your garden..who says money can't buy happiness? Happiness sold here!

The Nursery Hours:

April thru October -
Thursday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm
or Anytime by Arrangement - Please contact us

November thru March - Off Season:
By Appointment Only - - Please contact us

Secret Garden Growers LLC
29100 S Needy Rd
Canby, OR 97013
Fax (503) 651-2606
Phone (503) 651-2006

WHO ARE WE? We are plant junkies (first and foremost), mad gardeners, horticulturists, botanist…and before we sound too 'geeky' here, professionals who have been in various realms of the plant business for a very long time. We are located in the wilds of the northern Willamette Valley, in farm country, Canby, Oregon. Plants are our passion! Perennials are our first love, unique shrubs are a close second, ornamental grasses, always…the person who dies with the most plants wins, right? Our collection is the result of ongoing world-wide plant safaris. We propagate all of our own plants from our very own stock plants with our very own hands. There is plenty of positive energy in these plants, infused with lots of TLC and ‘up close and personal’, individual attention. It’s a happy work environment and we think our plants reflect this!

ABOUT OUR PLANTS: We grow our mail order plants in 3”, 4” and quart pots to keep the shipping costs affordable. Specifically, the 3” pots measure 3 3/8” across the top, 2 5/8” across the bottom and are 3 1/4" tall (16 oz capacity - some government official thinks this is important info for you); our 4” pots measure 4” across the top, 3 1/8” across the bottom and are 3 1/2" tall (25 oz capacity) or 4” across the top,
2 3/4" across the bottom and 4” tall (25 oz capacity); our quart pots measure 4 1/2" wide and 4 7/8" deep. We use a high quality soil-less mix. We ship plants IN THEIR POTS. We do not send them in baggies with half the soil removed…they may cost more to ship, but will arrive in a less traumatized condition! We have larger sizes available at the nursery and can price/ship them upon request.

We grow a lot, but not much of anything…we grow thousands of plants, but in small quantities. Order early for the best selection. Please contact us with your ‘want list’, as we have many plants in quantities too small to list. We do not sell any wild collected plants.

The information in this catalog is intended only as a guide! It is not a substitute for gardening experience or educating yourself about the plants you are purchasing. The more familiar you become with your new acquisitions, the more successful and enriching your experience will be! Please don’t let ‘my words’ become the ‘last words’ with your new plants! Ultimate plant sizes vary greatly with growing conditions…hardiness is affected by the multiple micro-climates in every garden…bloom time varies by zone and weather conditions. The internet is a plethora of information! If there’s a question you can’t find an answer to, we will try to fill the information void for you, keeping in mind that most of our experience range is limited to the west coast.